Who We Are

If you are looking for a career in the Hospitality, Travel or Tourism Industry then the Alfa Leisureplex Group has opportunities for you. The Alfa Leisureplex group encompasses Alfa Travel, Alfa Coaches and Leisureplex Hotels Limited, all with various roles and exciting career prospects. We are an employee owned business with a customer focused approach and entrepreneurial spirit at the core, which derived from when the business was established in 1984. Being employee owned means that we are fully focused on providing our employee owners with meaningful, secure and long lasting careers. We are an established Tour Operator and Coach Operator and in addition we own and manage 24 hotels in seaside locations across the UK, which provides a variety of exciting roles to get involved in.

At Alfa Leisureplex we encourage innovation, we work hard, and we seek continuous improvement in everything we do; but above all we do everything with a smile. Our employee owners are central to the success and continued growth of the group and we are always looking for people who share our core values. If you want to join our successful team, search our current vacancies and apply for a role today!

All our employee owners help shape the culture of ALG and are central to the success and continued growth of the group. They are the reason each and every one of our guests are provided with a memorable, high quality hotel experience. We are always on the look out for people who naturally share our core values which provide the foundation for our outstanding levels of customer service, in addition to continuing to ensure our Group is a great place to work. During our recruitment process, we assess candidates against these values as well as testing role specific skills, ensuring all employee owners are aligned to the Group.

Being a people focussed Group means the Board of Directors are always working toward improving employee’s benefits and general working conditions. Regular feedback and involvement is requested through a number of channels including Workplace Representatives and our Trustee Directors. Annual employee engagement surveys and smaller mini-surveys are conducted to understand what we do well and what could be improved.

Below is a selection of reasons we believe ALG is a great place to work!

  • Become an employee owner- Our business is 75% owned by a trust operated for the benefit of our employees, which means our employees are central to everything we do.
  • Occupational Sick Pay scheme – from time to time we appreciate our employee owners get poorly and we want to make sure they are looked after and supported back to work.
  • Realise your potential – we want all of our employee owners to perform the best they can in their roles and this means we focus on providing various training and development opportunities. These include on the job training, funding for recognised qualifications, apprenticeship opportunities and a dedicated online learning platform.
  • Employee accommodation- we have employee accommodation available at many of our locations.
  • Innovate and improve – If you are someone who looks for continuous improvement and you excel in being innovative and creative, then Alfa Leisureplex is the company for you. We promote a culture of sharing ideas and learning from each other.
  • Receive an annual tax free dividend – As an employee owner, the more profits we make the more there is available to pay as a tax free partnership dividend, which is shared out equally to our employee owners. Regardless of your job role, you will receive the same amount of dividend up to a tax free value. In 2019, the annual dividend for a full time worker was over £500!
  • Fair pay – Regardless of age all of our employees undertaking the same role are paid the same rate. We do not pay any of our employees less than £8.40 per hour.
  • Holiday for less – we have a fabulous discount scheme for our employees and their families/friends on both coach tours and Hotel stays.
  • Be engaged – In our 2019 annual employee survey, our employees reported that they were 79% engaged with our business (compared to the UK average reported at 30%). This demonstrates our passion for understanding our employees and what makes us a great place to work. We want to do more and be better.
  • Build your pension – we have a pension scheme in place that the Company contributes towards.
  • Be heard – Our employee owners have a say in how the Group operates and can help shape the future of the organisation through their Employee Workplace Representatives, Board of Trustees and Annual Employee engagement survey.
  • Job security – our employee owned status provides for better job security, as we can’t be sold to another company.